Mangrove Outfitters Bonefish Fly Box

Mangrove Outfitters Bonefish Fly Box

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Bonefish. They’re on the hunt prowling the bottom of the flat that you find yourself scanning. The day prior, you were on an airplane flying over the aqua blue shoreline and white sandy flats. You traveled across the country (for many people, the world) to have the opportunity to have a school pass by and you the chance to throw that perfect fly. Which fly do you choose? Will it be a Gotcha or a Crazy Charlie? A Bone Jovi or a Christmas Island Special? Maybe a classic Pink Puff!

We know Bonefish and have a pretty good idea what they like to eat so we built the Mangrove Outfitters Bonefish Fly Box just for this particular occasion. You’ll have the broad offering of (4) Gotchas, (6) Pink Puffs, (4) Crazy Charlies, (2) Bone Jovis, and (2) Christmas Island Specials. That’s a lot of flies but we want to make sure you have what you need after the long flight across the world. All to stand on that one white sandy flat scanning for one of the most popular fish in saltwater.

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Fly selection may be subject to change due to availability.