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Daiichi 2546

Daiichi 2546


The Daiichi 2546 Saltwater hook is the workhorse of the Daiichi saltwater hook line. The Daiichi 2546 is equipped with a straight ring eye forges stainless steel and is tough on tough. We stock this hook in sizes #8 to #2/0 so it is available on our fly bench if we are tying Chinook Comets or Bonefish Crazy Charlie flies. We use the Daiichi 2546 saltwater hook for Clouser, Crab patterns, Tube fly hooks and on and on. The 2546 is a dependable standard-wire diameter saltwater hook that we also use for strange applications like egg patterns, pike flies, and the lead hook on MOAL leeches. Bottom line, if you have these hooks on your bench, they are adaptable. 2/0(12 pack), 1/0(15 pack). 2,4,6,8(20 pack)

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